The Story Of HARANA

In pursuit of an ESCAPE, my senses took over me.
So vividly I remember...
Feeling slightly off balance as fallen LEAVES and TWIGS gathered along my path. And that never ending STATIC as WATER crashed mildly in the distance.
The wind was SOFT. Kissing my face, meaning no harm but to simply say hello. A CONTRAST it was...

Being REFRESHED as the cool air flowed through my airways while still being ADORNED by the sun's warmth. I could only stop to acknowledge nature's BEAUTY.. gathering a fist of dirt, I was determined to CONNECT with the root of it all. While grinding the dirt between my fingers I could feel traces of all the LOVE, SPIRITUALITY, and JOY that had been invested in it...
I knew what I found was LIFE.....

For the first time, I felt CONNECTED to something OUTSIDE of myself.
I knew WE as people were a part of something bigger than our daily routines. A bigger world was not only around us but was also within us.
I realized.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in BOXES. Whether it be physical boxes like houses and workplaces or mental boxes such as contentment and lack of IMAGINATION.
What if we could actually ESCAPE those ORDINARY boxes and connect with life and the world around us...

Once we've done that, we've discovered life.
And it is to be CELEBRATED. Celebrated by experience and invention. Giving to the world and receiving from it...those values ring TRUTH.

In my search for connections, I found that those same values were deeply embedded into the heartbeat of the Philippines and their people.

Health, Truth, Love, Spirituality, Social responsibility and creativity.

These are all major concepts in Philippine culture, And what they consider the values of life.

Singing is very common in the Philippines and is used as a celebration of life and also to express emotion.
To Feel...
To Live...
To Experience.
To Create.
To be Free...
As a musician and songwriter theses are life's jewels. The things you can't buy...the things no one can take from you.
The REAL wealth.
I found life in music.
The joy it gives me. The things I'm able to create from nothing. The inspiration it gives other people, and the sense of connection it gives me to the world. I find the things I like writing most about, are women.

They remind me so much of my experience with nature's beauty.
Keeping you slightly off balance... Being in love and going half crazy, meanwhile remaining the grounded foundation for a man to stand tall.
The mild crashing of water.. strong and pure and at the same time soothing and comforting.. like the wind, soft and gentle. warming and able to brighten the world like the adorning rays of the sun. And most importantly the root of life, just like the soil that mothers a seed...
I love women.
I call my expression of this, HARANA!